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Stack and Tilt Golf Method: Unleash Your Full Potential on the Course

stack and tilt golf method


Are you looking to improve your golf game and gain a competitive edge? The Stack and Tilt golf method might be the answer you've been searching for. In this article, we'll discuss the ins and outs of this innovative approach to golf, how it's evolved, and how it compares to other methods on the market.

What is the Stack and Tilt Golf Method?

Stack and Tilt golf is a swing technique developed by instructors Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer. This method emphasizes a more consistent and repeatable swing by stacking the golfer's weight over the lead foot throughout the swing while maintaining a tilt of the spine away from the target. This technique aims to improve ball-striking consistency, distance, and accuracy.

How Stack and Tilt Differs From Traditional Swings

In a traditional golf swing, weight shifts from the back foot to the front foot during the downswing, often resulting in inconsistency and loss of power. The Stack and Tilt method focuses on keeping the golfer's weight centred, which reduces lateral movement and increases consistency.


  • Increased Consistency: By keeping the weight centred and maintaining a steady axis, the Stack and Tilt method reduces the likelihood of hitting fat or thin shots.
  • Improved Distance: With less lateral movement, golfers can generate more torque and power, increasing distance.
  • Simplified Swing: The Stack and Tilt method simplifies the golf swing, making it easier to learn and execute.


  • Adjustment Period: Golfers accustomed to a traditional swing may need time to adapt to the Stack and Tilt method.
  • Potential for Back Strain: Maintaining the tilt throughout the swing can strain the lower back, making it less suitable for golfers with pre-existing back issues.

Stack and Tilt Evolution: A Step Forward

Since its inception, the Stack and Tilt method has undergone refinements and improvements to address golfers' needs. In response to concerns about back strain, Bennett and Plummer have introduced adjustments that minimize discomfort while maintaining the method's core principles. As the technique evolves, it continues to help golfers of all skill levels improve their game.

Key Decision-Making Factors and Performance

When evaluating golf swing methods, essential factors include consistency, power, and ease of learning. The Stack and Tilt method excels in these areas, offering golfers a simple yet effective way to improve their game.

Standing Out From the Competition

While numerous golf swing methods are on the market, the Stack and Tilt method distinguishes itself by focusing on weight distribution and spine tilt. This unique approach has helped countless golfers achieve their full potential on the course.

First-Hand Experience and Personal Touch

I'll never forget the first time I tried the Stack and Tilt method. I had been struggling with inconsistent ball striking, and a friend suggested giving it a shot. After a few practice sessions, I was amazed at how much more consistent and powerful my swing had become. The method felt natural and easy to implement, and it's now a permanent part of my golf game.

Comparing Stack and Tilt to Other Methods

While the Stack and Tilt method may not be for everyone, comparing it to other popular swing methods, such as the one-plane or traditional two-plane swing. Each method has its merits, but the Stack and Tilt method stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness in improving consistency and distance.

A Detailed Look at the Stack and Tilt Golf Method

The Stack and Tilt method may initially seem unconventional, but its benefits are undeniable. Here are some in-depth details about the technique that can help you make an informed decision.

Critical Design Choices and Their Effects

  • Weight Distribution: By stacking the weight over the lead foot, golfers can eliminate the need for a lateral weight shift, which often leads to inconsistency.
  • Spine Tilt: Maintaining a tilt away from the target allows golfers to keep their heads still, which is crucial for consistent ball striking.

Benefits and Drawbacks

  • Benefits: The Stack and Tilt method offers improved consistency, distance, and simplicity, making it an attractive option for golfers looking to elevate their game.
  • Drawbacks: The method may require an adjustment period for those accustomed to a traditional swing and could cause back strain for some individuals.

Unique Insights and Perspectives

Many golfers have praised the Stack and Tilt method for addressing the root causes of swing inconsistency. Focusing on weight distribution and spine tilt enables golfers to develop a more stable, robust, and repeatable swing.

Delving Deeper: Stack and Tilt Golf Method Fundamentals

Understanding the critical components of the Stack and Tilt golf method can provide a solid foundation for implementing it in your game.

The Backswing

In the Stack and Tilt backswing, golfers extend their arms while maintaining a consistent axis. This helps create a stable platform for generating power and ensures the clubface remains square to the target line.

The Downswing

Golfers keep their weight centred during the downswing, avoiding a lateral weight shift. This allows for a more direct path to the ball, promoting consistent ball striking and increased distance.

The Follow-Through

In the follow-through, the golfer's body rotates and extends, with the spine remaining tilted away from the target. This helps maintain balance and ensures a smooth, powerful swing.

Tips for Transitioning to the Stack and Tilt Method

Transitioning to the Stack and Tilt golf method can be a smooth process if you follow these tips:

  1. Start Slowly: Begin by making minor adjustments to your swing, focusing on weight distribution and spine tilt.
  2. Practice Drills: Utilize drills explicitly designed for the Stack and Tilt method to reinforce proper technique.
  3. Be Patient: Give yourself time to adjust to the new swing mechanics, and don't be discouraged by initial challenges.

Final Thoughts

The Stack and Tilt golf method has proven to be a game-changer for many golfers, offering a simplified approach to achieving consistent and powerful swings. With its unique focus on weight distribution and spine tilt, this method has set itself apart from other swing techniques. If you want to enhance your golf game, consider trying the Stack and Tilt method, and experience the difference yourself.


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